Relaxation and Spa Rituals

Marine Wellbeing Massage

Inspired by the infinite power of the Oceans, this massage incorporates the powerful techniques of Shiatsu and Swedish massage schools, together with some ocean-reflecting movements. It begins with a welcome massage, followed by specific movements over the entire body and energising digitopressures on the face, allowing you to truly let go. Combine with a hand, foot and scalp massage to create a deeply relaxing 85-minute ritual.

Enjoy this treatment – 60 minutes £75

Deep Tissue Massage

When your body feels the need for specialised techniques to release stressed muscles, our therapist uses deep pressure to focus on relieving tension. This massage is designated to target the main tension zones on the back of the body. Powerful, deep and strongly rhythmic movements make this customised massage pure therapy for the body and soul.

Enjoy this treatment – 30/60 minutes £45/£75

Hot Stones Massage

Heated volcanic stones are used in combination with a full body massage to provide smoothing and relaxing heat to the muscles. This treatment helps relieve tired and achy muscles. Individually shaped, these magical stones help release tension, soothe aches and rebalance energy levels; the use of luxuriously melting massage oils ensure skin emerges soft as silk too.

Enjoy this treatment – 30/60 minutes £45/£75

Essential Back Massage

Escape to tranquillity with a personalised back massage. This treatment offers a quick release when stress and tension is at their peak. Using light to medium pressure, your therapist can adapt the treatment to focus on vulnerable areas such as the back, neck and shoulders where the tension accumulates most are instantly relaxed. Combined with use of luxurious aroma body oils, stress and tension will quickly melt away.

Enjoy this treatment – 30 minutes £40

Tranquility Scalp Massage

Drift into a deep relaxation with this calming massage. All traces of tension are gently eased from scalp, neck and shoulders while circulation is greatly improved, head tension is relieved and a general feeling of wellbeing experienced.

Enjoy this treatment – 30 minutes £40

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